Camrose Mixed Slo-Pitch League

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  Camrose Mixed Slo-Pitch League  

April 9, 2012

  • Package night
    Thanks to everyone who attended registration night.
    Package night will be Tuesday April 24th 7:00pm @ Geo's. Please insure that your roster forms are filled out and returned at this date.

March 29, 2012

  • Registration night
    Registration night for all returning and new teams will be held on Apr 3rd 7:00pm at GEO'S.
    Returning teams who attended AGM fees are $500
    Returning teams who did not attend AGM fees are $550
    All new team applicants fees are $550

April 2, 2011

  • CMSP Registration Night - April 7th 7-9 PM at Geo's
    Please ensure that a team representative attends Geo's Sports Lounge on April 7th from 7-9 PM to register your team for the 2011 CMSP season. A $100 deposit will be required and teams will be required to take a SPN Roster and fill it out and return same on package night at the end of the month. Please have a team representative attend and register your team to ensure you get a spot in the 2011 CMSP season.

April 2, 2011

  • March 17th 2011 Annual General Meeting Minutes

    1) 2010 AGM Minutes reviewed and no issues raised.

    2) Insurance & Prizing Info – SPN in year 3 of 3-year agreement for 2011. Will supply prizing for 4 divisions and league tops up and buys additional prizing for last division if required.

    3) Slo-pitch Equipment Presentation – Dave Borman from Battle River Hockey Plus provided presentation on equipment available for CMSP season.

    4) 2011 Season Timelines

    March 17th (7 PM) – CMSP Annual General Meeting (AGM)
    April 7th (7-9 PM) – Registration Night at Geo’s ($100 Deposit Required)
    April 15th – Cut off for late registration
    April 28th (7-9 PM) – Package Night at Geo’s ($400 Remaining Fee Required)
    May 2nd – 1st half of CMSP League starts
    June 4&5th – 2nd half of schedule available at Geo’s at bar for pick-up
    June 6th – 2nd half of CMSP League Starts
    July 13-16th – CMSP League Finals Year End Dance
    July 16th – Year End Dance
    July 23-24th – Alternative Rainout League Final Tournament
    Aug 15th to Sept 24th – Proposed Fall Fun League

    · Discussion held in relation to alternative weekend for league finals in the event of rainout. Decided that July 23-24th will be make –up weekend for league final tournament. The dance will go ahead as scheduled on July 16th if rainout occurs. Unanimous vote passed to accept above proposal.
    · SPN Insurance Rosters to be handed out at registration night and must be returned on package night with remainder of league fees in order to play in league. They need to be forwarded to SPN immediately.
    · Remainder of above timelines passed through motion
    · Action item for Wes Harrison to follow-up with diamond availability and secure diamonds for regular season, playoffs & alternative playoff weekend.

    5) 2010 Actual Budget & 2011 Proposed Budget reviewed:

    2010 season saw a total surplus of $2648.64 for an account balance of $10,677.82. Surplus came from regular season fees and sponsorship ($2,648.64), league final beer gardens ($0.00 due to rain out) and league final dance ($0.00 due to cancelled dance). Discussion held and determined that larger season profit came from unused diamonds due to rainouts. Decided to use surplus and build account for potential diamond renovations or towards cost of possible new future diamonds. Teams attending the AGM will receive a $50 credit towards their league fees due to rained out league final games. The 2010 budget was accepted as read.

    2011 proposed budget would see teams attending AGM being charged $450 for league play. Returning teams not attending the AGM or new teams will be charged $500. This will result in a 2011 anticipated deficit of $1600. The deficit will result in teams being refunded $50 for the cancelled league finals. With the finals cancelled last year the league made a profit from cancelled diamonds that was applied to this year’s budget resulting in the proposed deficit. The league final beer gardens are projected to earn $250.00 profit after paying umps that are hired for 2011 league final games. The league final dance is projected to earn $1500.00 after splitting costs with the group working the dance. The projected profit in 2011 after all revenues is projected at $150.00. The proposed budget was accepted as proposed.

    The break down for league fees was discussed and accepted. League fees to be $500 in 2011 to cover following: $290 regular season diamonds, $42 league final diamond cost, $63 game balls and score sheets, $90 insurance & prizing and $15 administration costs. Returning teams that attended the AGM would be charged only $450. Returning fall league teams would only be charged $350 for league fees in 2011 due to a majority of their games being rained out last fall. Game ball costs are slightly reduced in 2011 due to left over 2010 league final balls.

    6) League & Year End Format Discussed:

    With the 2010 league playoffs being rained out it was decided that the initial 2011 CMSP team division seeding would be obtained from the 2010-second half regular season standings. The top team in each division would move up and the bottom team drops down. In the event a team did not return this year then the next highest team within a lower division would move up. The 2010 final second-half standings finished as follows:

    A - Division
    Team Name GP W T L Pts RF RA +/-
    Geo's Warriors 10 8 0 2 16 127 46 81
    Broncos 10 7 2 1 16 147 104 43
    Tragically Ripped 10 4 2 4 10 101 84 17
    Panhandle Pirates 10 4 0 6 8 93 125 -32
    Mixed Veggies 10 2 2 6 6 71 122 -51
    Prairie Gnomes 10 1 2 7 4 65 123 -58

    B - Division
    Team Name GP W T L Pts RF RA +/-
    Wounded Ducks 10 7 2 1 16 106 82 24
    Havoc 10 5 3 2 13 122 123 -1
    Sweet Peas 10 5 2 3 12 132 93 39
    Isotopes 10 2 3 5 7 95 124 -29
    Revenge 10 1 4 5 6 120 125 -5
    Round Hill Bisons 10 2 2 6 6 105 133 -28

    C - Division
    Team Name GP W T L Pts RF RA +/-
    Road Runners 10 10 0 0 20 178 53 125
    Balls Deep 10 6 1 3 13 136 102 34
    Max Steel 10 5 1 4 11 139 119 20
    ODB 10 4 1 5 9 134 160 -26
    Sociables 10 1 2 7 4 97 187 -90
    Panhandle Parrots 10 1 1 8 3 102 165 -63

    D - Division
    Team Name GP W T L Pts RF RA +/-
    DLS 10 8 1 1 17 121 75 46
    Crunchers 10 6 1 3 13 157 107 50
    Sexpos 10 6 1 3 13 144 131 13
    St. Mary's 10 4 0 6 8 129 133 -4
    Mourning Wood 10 2 1 7 5 94 119 -25
    Augustallions 10 2 0 8 4 50 130 -80

    E - Division
    Team Name GP W T L Pts RF RA +/-
    Off Lotz 10 9 0 1 18 121 87 34
    Daysland 10 6 1 3 13 132 105 27
    Empty Pitchers 10 5 0 5 10 146 118 28
    Shit Hawks 10 4 2 4 10 122 111 11
    Fortis 10 3 1 6 7 102 126 -24
    CRC 10 1 0 9 2 53 129 -76

    It was announced during the meeting that the Warriors (A-Div), Prairie Gnomes (A-Div), Round Hill Bisons ((B-Div) & CRC (E-Div) were not returning to league play in 2011. This will result in at least two teams moving up in each division and none will be relegated to the lower division to start the 2011 season.

    New CMSP teams will be seated in lowest division unless special circumstances dictate for executive to vote and place a new team into a higher division.

    1st half of 2011 season (division seeding). To be played similar as last year where teams play each other within division. Top seed moves up one division while bottom team drops to lower division.

    2nd half of 2011 season (playoff seeding). To be played similar to last year where teams get seeded for playoffs. Top two teams get first round bye in double knockout league final tournament.

    The league playoffs will be similar to the previous years with a double knockout format. Winners and runner up in each division win SPN prizing. Top team moves up to next division in 2012, while last place team in division drops a division next year. Decided to hand out prizing at main diamond at the conclusion of all finals. League wind up to follow with dance after the finals on Saturday similar format to last year. Rain out will result in the finals being played in the alternative weekend as outlined previously. Committee will be formed by V.P. to plan and organize this year’s dance.

    Fall League discussed and decided to run it the similar format as last year. Fall league will be fun with no standings recorded and run for six weeks. Decided to make it one nine inning game as it begins to get darker a lot quicker.

    7) Diamond availability discussed with possible options:

    Decided to use the late game under the lights as a feasible option if required. It was decided that the option of using out of town diamonds not be used unless absolutely required. The league will be capped at 30 teams again to ensure there is sufficient diamond availability for all games.

    8) Diamond Renovations / Construction / Fund Raising Ideas:

    Decided to keep building funds towards potential of diamond renovations or new diamond construction. Dave Borman advised that Minor Ball will be moving forward with discussions with City of Camrose to determine if construction of diamonds in the near future in possible.

    CMSP will support Minor Ball in this venture and provide support when required. No committee to be formed at this time and executive will liaise with Minor Ball to determine status of any proposal.

    A suggestion was put forth to potentially consider lengthening the fence at K1 and putting in a fence on K4 should a new baseball diamond facility be built. This would provide a very feasible option of having four good diamonds at one location for CMSP league games and potential slo-pitch tournaments.

    9) Review Rules & proposed changes:

    Rules reviewed and no changes recommended.

    Teams reminded of rule implanted last year that second scheduled double-header games under the lights must start at 8:45 pm and teams will not start a new inning after 11:30 PM. This means that early games will not start a new inning after 8:30 PM.

    10) League Sponsorship – Proposed that Geo’s Sport’s Lounge & Battle River Hockey Plus will sponsor league again in 2011. CMSP web site will continue to have sponsors listed in 2011.

    11) Website – provided CMSP website address to teams for updates (

    12) League Bylaw Implementation discussed and following agreed in 2010 and reviewed and will continue in 2011:

    -2011 returning teams required to attend AGM and will have voting representation. New teams will not have voting representation. Returning teams that do not attend AGM will be assessed a $50 penalty on their league fees for the upcoming year.
    -$100 deposit required from all teams on registration night & to secure a spot in league play. New teams will be allowed into league on an availability basis. Remaining league fees as set out at the AGM will be due on package night.
    -Annual elections for required executive positions at each AGM along with formation of required committees
    -Rule changes voted on by returning teams at each AGM
    - Executive will deal with complaints in relation to teams and players and provide required disciplinary action
    - Changes to League structure / time lines set out at AGM
    - Previous year’s budget presented by executive at AGM & new proposed budget provided at AGM and to be approved by teams
    -Review of previous AGM minutes by executive required at AGM
    -CMSP executive to consist of 5 members to include President, V.P., Secretary Treasurer and two Directors in the event it is required to break a vote on disciplinary action. All elections to take place at each AGM for a one-year term for all elected positions.
    -President to form committees and assign roles for executive as required.

    13) Elections & Required Committees:

    Wes Harrison – President (1 year term)
    Trevor Vinet – V.P. (1 year term)
    Tammy Chartrand – Secretary Treasurer (1 year term)
    Brian Hoglund – Director (1 year term)
    Lindsey Seto – Director (1 year term)

    Rick Marcinkowski took the opportunity to thank the CMSP executive for all their hard work in getting the CMSP league to it’s present 30 team successful status. Rick advised that due to other pressing commitments that he will not be seeking another term and stepping down as president. Rick Marcinkowski also announced that after 27 years the Camrose Warriors would no longer be playing as a team this year. The Warriors exit the CMSP league as League Champions for seven consecutive years. On behalf of the Warriors, Rick thanked all the teams that competed against them for the past several years and wished good luck to all teams in the future.

    Wes Harrison requested that a social committee be formed similar to last year to plan for league final dance. Trevor Vinet to oversee committee.

    Wes Harrison to liaise with Jim Cook and work on scheduling for 2011 season.

    Brian Hoglund will be responsible to deal with disputes or complaints received from teams and will update executive as required.

    Tammy Chartrand to complete books as in previous years.

    Wes Harrison will run with set up of league final, prepare for AGM, liaise with SPN and update league standings. Oversee daily operations of league.

    Lindsey Seto will be provided assignments once Wes Harrison has a chance to settle into his new position.

    Rick Marcinkowski will assist as past president with the CMCP Registration Night on April 7th to assist Wes Harrison with transition as new incoming president.

    14) Open discussion held for any other non-listed agenda items:

    Maggie Gibbens requested clarification on time lights shut off for late games. Decided president will follow up with Jim Cook to clarify that lights to remain on till 11:45 PM. Suggested grounds keeper checks with teams and let them play out last inning if near done.

    Wes Harrison advised that scheduling is difficult and teams may appear as first team (home team) on schedule more than anticipated. The best will be done to draft schedule with equal home games however this is not always possible due to special requests. Wes reminded that teams would have to consider this fact if they get scheduled for more home games then other teams. The team listed first of the schedule handed out at package night will be considered the home game.

    Meeting Adjourned

March 9, 2011

  • 2011 Annual General Meeting
    Camrose Mixed Slo-Pitch League Annual General Meeting
    Thursday March 17th, 2011 @ 7pm
    At Edgeworth Centre
    Border Arena Upstairs Meeting Room #2
    All returning teams required to attend to vote on 2011 season plans Returning teams attending meeting will get a $50.00 refund off current year league fees.
    Any new interested teams please attend the meeting.
    Individual players interested in playing
    Contact Tammy at (780) 679-0789(leave message)

July 7, 2010

  • Playoffs Around the Corner
    Please have all scores submitted by Fri July 9th before 10 PM so playoff draws can be completed. Scores not submitted or rainouts will be considered ties. Playoffs begin on Thurs July 15th for all "D" & "E" div teams and Fri July 16th for all "A" "B" & "C" div teams. Playoffs will then continue on Sat July 17th for all teams with dance to follow on Sat night. Draw will be emailed to teams by Mon July 12th.

June 5, 2010

  • 2nd Half Schedules at Geo's Sports Lounge
    Please be advised the second half schedules can be picked up at Geo's Sports Lounge on Sunday June 6th. The second half of the season starts this Monday June 7th and concludes with league playoffs on Sat July 17th. The League Final Dance will take place at the Max Arena on Sat July 17th at 9 PM. The web schedule will be updated in the near future. The final first half of the season standings are now complete on the website. All scores not received by this Sat June 5th were entered as 10-10 ties. Best of luck to all teams in the second half of the season.

May 26, 2010

  • Team Rosters Required
    Please remember that final team rosters are due by May 31st 2010. Players must be listed on roster to play in league playoffs. A reminder that all 1st half scores must be handed in by 10:00 PM on June 4th 2010 or will be considered a tie. Please have make-up games completed by then. Second half schedules will be available at Geo's Sports Lounge on June 6th after 3:00 PM. Please attend and pick up as second half of season starts on June 7th 2010.

May 7, 2010

  • Web Site Update
    Hey everyone

    Please be advised that our website problems have been corrected and the schedule along with 2010 CMSP rules and contacts have been posted on the site.

    You will note that on the schedule handed out to you indicates that the first team listed is home. This will remain the same with the first team listed on the hand out schedule being home and supplying the bases. The web site indicates the first team is vistors but please consider the first team listed on both the web site and hand out to be the home team.

    Please get all games going at 6:30 PM as with the overcast weather darkness falls quickly. We have received a couple of score sheets turned in with imcomplete games that havn't gone at least 5 innings and we are recording these as ties. I still havn't heard from some teams this week or received their score sheets. Please let me know if your game has been rescheduled or turn your score sheets in as required.


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